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The Lazarene Gazette January 2019

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The Official Newspaper of Lazarus
Issue 3 • January 2019 • 2 Pages

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By @ New Rogernomics
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Lazarus alongside the Proclamation of War upon the New Pacific Order, have voted on a Proscription against that government. The proscription in the strictest terms will ban New Pacific Order citizens and residents holding citizenship or participating in any shape or form in the government of Lazarus.

Such a proscription will strip Lazarene citizenship from those who concurrently hold citizenship or participate in the New Pacific Order. This has been seen as a necessary second step following on from the declaration of war against the New Pacific Order. Proscription was being discussed prior to the declaration of war, as a possible measure whether Lazarus decided upon a war measure or not, generally as a means to prohibit New Pacific Order influence upon Lazarus in the future. 

With the proscription passing by a strong margin of 95% for the motion, Lazarus as a region seems to wish to provide reassurance of their commitment to resist the New Pacific order both at home and abroad, and that it won't go back to business as usual. It also forms a basis for regional unity against a commonly perceived threat, supplementing the declaration of war it had passed on the New Pacific Order.

You can read the full text of the Hostile Entities and Persons act here: Hostile Entities and Persons Act, which details the full scope of what a proscription would mean. 
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By @ New Rogernomics
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The Delegate of Lazarus, Imkiville, in an address to Lazarus said "Greetings again Lazarus! We’ve had a busy old month but we can’t let the excitement derail us from our main goal of rebuilding our region so I’ve got a lot of appointments for your consideration to help towards that end!", highlighting the hard work of her administration, and her intent to appoint more positions within Lazarus. 

During her speech, she expressed her desire to appoint the first Council of Lazarene Security, inclusive of in her own words of nations who, "a well rounded group of long time Lazarene players that will help cover all aspects of Lazarene security to keep us safe", the players in question were New Rogernomics, Harmoneia, Killer Kitty and Aflana. Under Lazarene law, the Council of Lazarene Security works under the leadership of the Vice-Delegate, in this case Treadwellia. 

The confirmation vote of this would later pass, including the confirmation vote of Killer Kitty, which some made reservations over appointing to a regional security role. The confirmation of Killer Kitty would pass on a margin of 67% approval, whereas Harmoneia and New Rogernomics were the highest approved, with 88% and 94% respectively. 

While on issue on the courts, Imkiville laid out her intent to put forward Roavin, who had resigned for withholding information, for another vote, stating "I wish to again choose to present Lazarene Roavin to the region for confirmation to the position of Court Justice. I don’t believe the disclosure of his identity as the nation Curious Observations changes his suitability to serve on our regional court. I stand by my original appointment of him and put it to you, the region, to see if you agree", though the confirmation vote would later fail by a margin of 67% against, and 33% for. At least at present, we can infer that the uncertainty and confusion around Roavin's admission was sufficient to block the appointment. 

In order to proceed with the Lazarene Regional Guard Charter, Imkiville laid forth her intent to appoint a Minister of the Lazarene Regional Guards, making the following statement, "Finally, with the war with the NPO and our recently passed Lazarene Regional Guard Charter, I believe it is imperative we begin to mobilise our forces as soon as possible so I would like to appoint Kingdom of Napels, aka JoWhatup, as our first Minister of the Lazarene Regional Guards. An experienced military gameplayer and a keen, enthusiastic Lazarene, I believe he'll be a great commander for our new military!". JoWhatsup would later be confirmed by a strong margin of 94% for and 8% against. 

In her speech, she ended by expressing that she hoped, "everyone will vote to confirm these appointments to help us stand strong and together as a region!", and she thanked the region of Lazarus for their continued hard work. 
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By @ New Rogernomics
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In order to pursue the war against the New Pacific Order, as well as carry out military operations for regional defense and security, Lazarus has established a military force, known as the Lazarene Regional Guard. This force shall be tasked initially with duties inclusive of offensive and defensive operations against the New Pacific Order, and Fascist regions, as well as defense of treaty allies and support of legal delegacy transitions.

The full text of the 'Charter of the Lazarene Regional Guard' can be read here: Charter of the Lazarene Regional Guard
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By @ New Rogernomics
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While Lazarus establishing a regional military, in the form of the Lazarene Regional Guard, Lazarus near unanimously by a margin of 100%, with one abstaining vote, for a resolution to 'Empower the Regional Guard Against NPO affiliates'. This resolution allowed St Abbaddon, Communist Americas, and Azhukali, as NPO protectorates, and an ally, to be targeted for invasion or military interventionist measures, while under the control or support of the New Pacific Order. 

With St Abbaddon ceasing to be governed by the New Pacific Order, Lazarus seems to still be establishing a policy for future relations, with some suggestions of a treaty or strong relations, while most seem to wish for a positive relationship with St Abbaddon in the future, while pursing treaties with other regions for now. The concern on relations with St Abbaddon remains more in the existence of some New Pacific Order citizens still remaining there, though this doesn't seem to present a threat to future relations. 
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By @ New Rogernomics
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Osiris has been developing a strong diplomatic relationship with Lazarus, with both exchanging ambassadors, and no doubt helped along by the large number of dual citizens of both regions, and the friendly relationship that has been developing since the failed constitutional convention.

This climate of co-operation has led to a desire between both regions to improve the relationship both share with each other, with a treaty which hopes to improve cultural and military ties between both sinker regions, with a proposed 'Treaty of the Sun', now under formal discussion in both regions. 

While such a treaty is likely to pass with solid approval in both regions, the language of the draft text is still being worked on, with some language still to be worked out surrounding the security of both regions, and how each region will deal with individuals that are convicted of an offense in on region or both. 
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By @ New Rogernomics
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Discussions have begun surrounding the LazCorp theme, and whether it should be the theme in the long-term, with expressions of interest in a Greek theme, and perhaps a vampire theme for Lazarus, though the later seems to have less support than the former, which some suggested could scare people away from the region if it wasn't done well enough. While some have also expressed the idea that Lazarus should avoid themes altogether, as they may be a distraction from running the region. 
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By @ New Rogernomics
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Lazarus will have challenges in establishing firm diplomatic relations with other regions, both out of how the administration came to be established, and the structure of the government system itself. Though, to explain this fully requires a discussion on the context of Lazarene history, with Lazarus having to deal with what each previous administration brought to Lazarus, and the obstacles they still present today, most of that being resentment. While at first glance, some view the current Lazarene administration as a mix of autocracy and democracy, or an outright dictatorship, never set to change, I think that such an analysis seems to really ignore how Lazarus has been governed, and how the current system can be a positive step, rather than exclusively a negative one. 

When I joined Lazarus, it was under King Dezzland, who would later leave to pursue life outside of the region, and it was also the time of the Last Kingdom raid upon the region, one which I refused to participate in. It was also a time when Lazarus was run through a challenge system, which is something that lasted well into the period up to the People's Republic of Lazarus. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your point of view, it led to a system where 'Lazarenes' could gather support in the region, and challenge the delegate democratically. The cost of this was the expulsion of 'imperialists', 'raiders', and long-term natives by Feux and Milograd, and an atmosphere created by the People's Republic of Lazarus where political minorities were actively discouraged or ejected from power or the region.

After a lot of effort, Kazmr, and those who supported him, including Funkadelia and Harmoneia, managed to fight and expel the New Pacific Order, inclusive of Feux and Milograd, from the region. This started the Humane Republic era of Lazarus, where Lazarus would have a fully democratic system, with regular delegate elections, and a ban on the leaders of the New Lazarene Order from the region. It would remain a firm supporter of the Founderless Regions Alliance or FRA, and be deeply resented by Balder, and other regions, due to the prior participation and support of it's citizens in the People's Repubic of Lazarus. It would have strong relations with The South Pacific, The Rejected Realms, born out of a respect for the defender alignment and mutual respect built both during the People's Republic of Lazarus and throughout the Humane Republic.

But this state of affairs would short-lived, when the Humane Republic began to develop political factions opposed to each other, after a brief calm, where Lazarus would re-establish diplomatic relations with the New Pacific Order, and work towards ending the defacto cold-war with Balder. Though these rifts wouldn't really come to pass till the Celestial Union, which had developed two opposing factions, led by Funkadelia and Lamb on one side, and much of Lazarus on the other, with New Pacific Order citizens manipulating both factions. This was made possible by the open diplomacy and open political system of Lazarus, which allowed full democratic participation, with no controls on who could hold the delegacy. It also had major flaws in security, which would include allowing infiltrators to reach the highest level of Lazarene government.

Lazarus would go through the Undead Dominion, and the Kharnate, before Imkiville with support of GCR regions, took Lazarus and established a constitutional convention with their support. Those successor states of Lazarus would receive differing levels of recognition, with Balder supporting somewhat the earlier, but both having a hostile relationship with both The Rejected Realms and The South Pacific, which would make it harder for the current administration to establish relations with them.

After the collapse of the constitutional convention, both The South Pacific and The Rejected Realms, have followed a policy of wait and see with Lazarus. Lazarus is after all not as democratically open as the Humane Republic was, nor does it have an open defender stance, or a treaty with either region. Though it is possible that relations may smooth over time, due to open participation of citizens of both regions within Lazarus, and over how the administration develops their political system.

There are some reasons for optimism, and of course reasons for concern about how the Lazarene political system is structured, and how it could be autocratic or dictatorial. Generally how authoritarian it is depends as much on the players involved, as it does the the construction of Mandate 12 and how Lazarene law is applied in practice. It is safe to say that Mandate 12 can be both a productive tool, as well as a constitution with unsettled questions. 

Lazarus is yet to settle the political issue that exists since the Humane Republic, which is the battle between the powers of the legislature, the executive officers, and the office of the delegate. All of which, if structured poorly, can lead to an unstable Lazarus or a stagnant system that grinds Lazarus to a halt.

Lazarus generally tends to a have system, continued under Mandate 12, with a strong executive Delegate, who appoints executive officers, who are then approved by a legislative assembly. It then has a court, appointed by the Delegate, and then approved again by a legislative assembly. Though, the issue that is presented by this is over a separation of powers. Should the Delegate in a sinker region have all this power? Or instead should there be a weak Delegate tasked with security, supplemented by a strong elected executive. Or should Lazarus instead take the risk of an elected Delegacy with a strong executive, which the Humane Republic and Celestial Union did, possibly leaving Lazarus open to an infiltrator to come and seize the delegacy.

The general feeling among Lazarenes is to avoid the last option, and to keep the Delegacy controlled either by trusted long-term natives, or by trusted citizens in general, who the region can be sure of not being foreign agents tasked with doing harm to the region or destabilizing it by sowing dissent. But of course having an un-elected executive, who can remain in power, will always be up to charges of suppressing democratic rights of the region. Lazarus will have difficulty diplomatically until it answers these questions, and decides on a system it is prepared to defend well into the future. The problem of balancing regional security with democratic freedoms will always be a complex one that will give Lazarus friends and enemies, well into the future.  

Lazarus may re-establish strong relations with The South Pacific, and eventually The Rejected Realms, and even form a strong relationship with Balder, with which it once had a hostile relationship. But the greatest difficulty in dealing with the Nationstates community will come from within Lazarus itself, and how Lazarus decides how to interact as a government and as a regional community. Whether it evolves to more democratic governance, or less democratic governance, will be up to the debate within Lazarus itself, and how other regions interact with Lazarus.

Though ignoring efforts Lazarus has made thus far towards democratic processes would be a mistake, in my opinion, as would pressuring it to the point it begins to resent other regions and begins to internalize itself. Lazarus may be a success story to some, but to most of the Nationstates community it is very much still for nations to make their minds up about. Though of course some have already made up their minds, rightly or wrongly, and resolved to accept the new Lazarus or to oppose it. 

Lazarus may be rising and rebuilding a community bit by bit, but it is still an open book, with a new history needing pen to be put to paper. Question is, what will that history be from hereon in? 

Disclaimer: This article was opinion, and as such is the view of a private citizen, and not the official position of Lazarus nor the Lazarene government.
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