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Presidential Election Standing Opens in Europeia


Presidential Election Standing Opens in Europeia

Contact Information (Discord): Deepest House#4275

(Europeia, July 16, 2020) - Europeian Vice Chancellor Deepest House opened standing for the July 24 presidential election on Wednesday, July 15. This election marks Europeia's return to a unified executive branch under a president and vice president after a period during which the executive branch consisted of independent chief of state and first minister offices.

"We are taking the first step towards a new era in the region, which will be initiated with the election of our president and vice president," Vice Chancellor Deepest House said in opening the election. "This new journey we are embarking on is reminiscent of the past, as we are returning to the unified executive structure we had before the executive split reform movement. But this is a day to look forward, not to history."

Over the past several weeks, public anticipation for this election steadily grew, with the expectation that multiple tickets headlined by political heavyweights would stand for election.

At time of press, four tickets had declared themselves for the election. Lloenflys declared his candidacy for president first, selecting Pichtonia to serve as his running mate. Mr. Verteger was next to declare, while selecting Ervald as his running mate. First Minister McEntire followed up, declaring his candidacy for president alongside his running mate, current Chief of State Malashaan. Finally, Sopo stood for election and chose Monkey as his running mate.

The presidential campaign has begun in earnest in Europeia, with campaign platforms posted and citizens engaging the candidates. Veteran Europeian political operator Aexnidaral captured the region's spirit as he attended the opening of the election at the Office of the Supreme Chancellor's Palatium Manor.

"A very exciting time, love that we have so many tickets running already," Aexnidaral said. "Here's to hoping the next President and their team are active and engaged!"

Under the previous form of government, the first minister managed domestic affairs, while the chief of state handled foreign affairs. Under the new executive branch, the president will have oversight over the entire executive branch.
More news from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation available here: http://europeians.com/forum/index.php?forums/4010143/

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