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Lazarus writing competition



This is the thread to publish your submissions for the Lazarene writing contest. For more information, see this dispatch here

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or @ Mzeusia by telegram or discord.
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Here's my entry into the Lazarus writing competition. I hope images are in any ways permitted.

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Silently Passing By
There she once was, 
In her mirror before she left.
Out she went among hungry eyes.
They ate away, wasn’t she a dish?
She remained quiet,
her voice might have given her away.
For above her confident stride,
she trembled till the ends of days.
When they knew her fear,
they shamed her,
blamed her,
hurt her.
So she remained silent,
as she quietly floated by.
Her honeyed beauty caught
nonetheless all the male flies.
“Give me your name
give me your number
give me your love
I will give you my heart.”
His words she wanted to believe,
her soul’s window she wanted to open,
but she swallowed all her words,
and silently passed by.
“You are the most beautiful,
none are as so fetching,
let me hold you close.
Be mine. Be mine. Be mine!”
She shook her head and smiled
knowing what would happen in bed
so she turned a cold shoulder
and silently passed by.
“Let me show you all the sights,
I shall shower you in lovely things,
I can open all the doors
making possible what impossible brings”

She rose her hand for quiet
and retreated from his advance,
knowing his tune would change
when he knew what was in her pants
“Be my lovely quiet queen,
I shall be you adoring handsome king
in my castle and under my reign
we shall have heirs, my kingdom shall sing”
Scared she began to run,
away from that horror show
with quickness she hid and tried
to get away silently by.
“Who do you think you are?
No one has ever refused me
don’t you dare run to your car
and escape this opportunity!”
She was tackled and overpowered
she struggled to squirm her way out
he reached below to find her
his surprise came at a shout.
“You disgusting, grotesque @$#*%
how dare you tempt my actions!
Feel this wrath against your throat
you are a part of that rainbow faction”
Her skin turned to paper white
and life completely left her body
she fought less and eventually lost sight
and drifted away from the world.
Lavender flowers for that gray day.
Candles for the twentieth of November.
For in her town there is a graveyard
where her corpse now stilly lays.
Yet passerby have often noted 
a beautiful ghost that drifts upon
purple violets in the fall. As she is
silently passing by.
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