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Introduction + Discussion

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Hi all.

Although I have had a nation in Lazarus for about a month, I was only recently appointed Ambassador from The East Pacific. My main nation is Evrigenis and my resident nation is Sebmrtan, but you can just call me y0. I look forward to cultivating a relationship with you. If you have any questions about TEP, feel free to reach out here, on the RMB, or on Discord!
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Well, a belated welcome to Lazarus then! :) I look forward to getting to know you and TEP better too.
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Welcome. Smile

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Your name(s?) seems like it has a story behind it that I'm interested in hearing one day. :P

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(03-28-2020, 03:10 PM)Imaginary Wrote: Your name(s?) seems like it has a story behind it that I'm interested in hearing one day. Tongue


All of them have multiple meanings; in my RPs in TEP, I am somewhat known for spending an inordinate amount of time thinking of names. Here are short explanations of a few of them:

1) a semi-obscure Greek last name. I wanted it to be easily searchable and my RP nation is based on ancient Greek philosophy.
2) Every + Genus. iRP Evrigenis is also extremely multi-cultural and multilingual.
3) letter scrambling. Many of my nations include this feature.

1) A transliteration of the Serbian word for "immortal," "Бесмртан" (besmrtan). It was the first nation I sent to a sinker, and I thought naming that nation after immortality would be fittingly ironic.
2) letter scrambling.
3) Before I made the nation, Google/Bing/etc had no results for it.

1) Evrigenis' flag is Borromean rings, also known as a Borromean knot in other languages. I might explain the multifaceted symbolism of Ev's flag in a separate post.
2) I used the Borromean Islands of Italy as inspiration for some of my iRP geography.
3) WhyKnot has a homophone with "Why not?", the question of innovation.
4) camelCase. For anyone who can program, this reference is probably the most obvious.
5) exactly zero search results before I made forum profiles.

y0 or y0 (where subscripts are supported, the latter is preferred)
1) A minimally lossy way to abbreviate borromeanWhyKnot per unit keystroke.
2) looks similar to the greeting. I like to be friendly and say hi to everyone.
3) y naught, the initial value of height. I am still quite new and I like to think of myself as just beginning.
4) it is none of my puppets names and the nation that had that name CTEd a couple years ago. I don't want to be someone else to be confused with me and I don't want to say that I am synonymous one of my many nations-I am all of them.

Bonus: Huzza
Since Warzone Airspace is currently a Lazarene colony, I may as well add this in.
1) Huzzah!
2) letter scrambling

What are the stories behind your names? This is a question open to ALL, not just Sylven Razeduck/Imaginary.

Thanks for the warm welcome!
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Oh great scott! Thanks for such a thorough explanation. While I haven't done a whole lot with RP, I have participated in this game with a number of different nations. Their names and name-stories are as follows:

My first nation! My favorite animals at the time were wolves, so I wanted to mix up that into the kingdom I was creating. Unfortunately, WolfdoM was taken, so I went with the next best thing.

FYI my favorite animal is now the cheetah. :P

Sylven (Razedusk)
I'm a sucker for sylvery globs of consonants stuck together... If I recall correctly I originally wanted the nation "Sylver" but that was taken. I really like Sylven though. It just sounds really cool, and it's a little off from any actual name for anything else (Sylvan, Dylan etc >:)). One odd side-effect of it is that people usually assume I'm a guy though... even when my flag is of some cute anime girl! :(

I got the name Razedusk because at some point I was the NS daughter of Red Dusk of the Duskania family. RD retired pretty soon after, and I became the daughter of Maria Raith. I merged the two names into Raithdusk because it sounds totally epic... but the Raith family turned nasty so I left, changing my name to Razedusk.

*fire emoji*

Your Imaginary Friend
I made this nation when a friend of mine, Siburria, started a new little region. I didn't want him to know I was there because I didn't want to get super involved or anything, but I wanted to give the place a lil emotional support and then randomly surprise him with who I was someday. The region died really fast (probably because he was the founder of another - successful - region at the same time) and that's right when all the cray stuff started happening in Laz that I wanted to sneak into. I decided to join with Your Imaginary Friend because I wanted to be like a secret support to a better Lazarus! :P

This is a fun topic lol, thanks for making it a thing y0!
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Short one, here. "Treadwellia" was derived from the original last name of Aloisius Horatio Treadwell, a toymaker who would go on to become Tubbius when he took on the Tubbius Magic.

That's about as simple as it gets. Smile
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I was listening to Debussy when I founded Debussy.
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For me it's also very short.

I was searching for nation simulators for some reason, and I found a game I liked before NS. So I combined a bunch of syllables to make my nation's name sound like an actual nation, then played the game, got bored, found and joined NS. Tongue
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Sarcasnia because I am sarcastic. Tongue

Earthly Heaven was just a name that came to me and I wanted a peaceful place on Earth, but I was also 12 when I created it, so.
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