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Delegate Announcements

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Announcement from the Delegate
Vice Delegate and Speaker of the Assembly Appointments
As per Mandate 12, I would like to announce my first choice for the Vice Delegate position, Treadwellia!
Mandate 12, Article III, Wrote:Establishment of the office of Vice Delegate

(1) The Delegate will appoint a Vice Delegate to hold the second most endorsements in Lazarus. Appointment of the Vice Delegate will be subject to confirmation by two-thirds vote of the Assembly.

(2) The Vice Delegate will serve until resignation, removal from office by the Assembly or the Delegate, or automatic removal from office.
I believe Treadwellia, also known as Tubbius, is the perfect candidate to lead Lazarus into it's bright new future after me. He has kept a cool head throughout all Lazarus has been through lately and been the cornerstone of stability in a region sorely in need of it. Treadwellia is a known and popular face gameside, with his wonderful roleplay posts and polls, as well as in the discord and forums. I have watched him closely since Anarchy week and I feel that Tubbs embodies everything Lazarus will need: Activity, Culture, Stability, Neutrality and a passion for his region! 
Some of you may be thinking, "But he has no experience?!" - I believe Treadwellia to be a fast and competent learner and I intend to pass on as much of my personal Gameplay knowledge and introduce him to as many people as possible in preparation for when he takes the delegate position himself, but sometimes the best way to learn something is to be thrown in at the deep end! I think he will be able to make fair and wise decisions for the good of Lazarus when the region needs him to.
I would also like to announce my Speaker of the Assembly position appointment, Cormactopia Prime!
Mandate 12, Article I, Wrote:Speaker of the Assembly

(11) The Delegate will appoint an Assembly Speaker to preside over the Assembly according to its procedural rules. Appointment of the Assembly Speaker will be subject to confirmation by 50%+1 vote of the Assembly.

(12) In the absence of procedural rules to settle a procedural matter in the Assembly, the Assembly Speaker may establish such rules. Procedural rules established by the Assembly Speaker will always be subordinate to the laws of Lazarus and procedural rules established by the Assembly.

(13) The Assembly Speaker will serve until resignation, removal from office by the Assembly or the Delegate, or automatic removal from office.

(14) The Assembly may provide for the appointment and removal of deputies to the Assembly Speaker by law or through its procedural rules.
A possibly more controversial choice than Tubbs, I am none the less just as confident in Cormac's ability and dedication to rebuilding a stronger, independent Lazarus. His knowledge and experience in rebuilding Sinkers is undeniable and to say that Mandate 12 could not have come about without him would be an understatement. I have little doubt that there is anybody better than Cormac to preside over the brand new Assembly he helped bring to life and ensure a fair and stable process.
In accordance with Mandate 12, both of these appointments will now be put to the Assembly for confirmation, and must pass a 50 +1 vote in the case of Speaker, two-thirds for Vice Delegate, to be successful. 
I encourage you to vote for the affirmative in both cases.
As this is the first vote of it's kind, with no precedent or procedure yet, I have decided this vote will be open to all citizens accepted before this post and will close after 48 hours. Citizenship applications accepted after the time of this post will be ineligible to vote on this confirmation.

Delegate of Lazarus

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Congrats, Tubbius and Cormac!
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:-) mmph mmph!
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Congratulations to Tubbius, and thank you to Imki for the confidence in me to serve as Speaker. Smile
Cormac Skollvaldr

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(07-22-2018, 12:54 AM)Cormac Wrote: Congratulations to Tubbius, and thank you to Imki for the confidence in me to serve as Speaker. Smile

Best of wishes on the voting, Cormac.  Let's see how things go!


Congrats to both Smile


No Evil Wolf? Hahaha

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I am slightly reminded of the early Sliders episode where Professor Arturo is running for office despite his lack of political experience.

One of the memorable scenes in it has John Rhys-Davies' Professor Arturo hurriedly trying to run a man down.  "I need to kiss your baby, sir!"

Wonderful episode.

Also, this whole "Auto Saving after every couple keystrokes" thing is annoying as all get out.  Can we turn that OFF, please? I don't mind it auto saving. I DO mind it flashing a big green bar in the middle of the text box as I'm trying to type!


Maybe just increase the delay between autosaves if possible.

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[Image: EpBBy4T.png]

Announcement from the Delegate
Court Justice Appointments

With great pleasure I would like to present the following appointments for the three Court Justice positions, SheepShape, Lazarene Roavin and D3-RP5.
Mandate 12, Article V Wrote:Composition of the Court

(1) The Court will be comprised of three Justices appointed by the Delegate, subject to confirmation by 50%+1 vote of the Assembly. Requirements for the recusal of Justices and procedure for the appointment of temporary Justices may be established by law.

(2) Justices will serve until resignation, removal from office by the Assembly, or automatic removal from office. Justices may not serve in any other office while serving as Justices.

Powers of the Court

(3) Procedure for constitutional matters brought before the Court will be defined by law.

(4) The Court has the power, upon being petitioned by a citizen, to strike down any general law, treaty, or policy. in whole or in part, and restrain any government action, by two-thirds vote, if such violates this Mandate or any constitutional law.

(5) The Court may, upon being petitioned by a citizen, reconcile contradictions within and between this Mandate and constitutional laws, as well as contradictions within and between general laws, by two-thirds vote, maintaining minimal disruption to the intended purposes of the contradictory provisions.

(6) The Court may interpret and clarify provisions of law when posed in a legal question, by two-thirds vote, as prescribed by law.

I believe these three will make an outstanding court for our region. All are sharp, fair and very able. 
SheepShape, aka Asta/SillyString has a long history of legislative and court proceedings in NationStates, her name is almost synonymous with them!
Roavin is immensely hard working, capable and while he and I may not always see eye to eye, I trust him to always say and do what he thinks is right.
Derps is a newcomer to NS law but I have great faith she has the right mentality and a keen intellect that will allow her to pick it up quickly, particularly with the help and experience provided by the other two.
Together I can't think of a better starting foundation for our new Lazarus court system, I think they will provide strong, professional and objective answers to any issues that may arise and although we may have to overlook the occasional bad pun or dad joke, I would again advise voting for the affirmative in all three cases!

As per Mandate 12, Article V, Section 1, they will now be subject to an Assembly confirmation vote and must each pass with a 50 +1 majority in a thread to be set up by the Speaker of the Assembly soon.

Thank you for your time and work so far Lazarus, I'm so proud of what we're becoming!

Delegate of Lazarus

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