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Delegate Announcements


Congratulations to Tempest Shadow and Amerion on these well-deserved appointments.


Rested Imki is best Imki! Go get back to normal, and take care of yourself!


Get some rest Imki, and enjoy a well deserved break.
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Get better!
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Thank you Imki (and get some rest!), and congrats Amerion!


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Announcement from the Delegate
Appointments Galore!

Greetings again Lazarus! We’ve had a busy old month but we can’t let the excitement derail us from our main goal of rebuilding our region so I’ve got a lot of appointments for your consideration to help towards that end!

After a great deal of thought I am finally ready to present my choices for the first Council of Lazarene Security, together I believe these nations form a well rounded group of long time Lazarene players that will help cover all aspects of Lazarene security to keep us safe. I would like to appoint New Rogernomics, Harmoneia, Killer Kitty and Aflana, in that order, to the CoLS under Vice-Delegate Treadwellia’s leadership.

Next, after his recent resignation due to revealed information unknown to the region at the time of his original appointment, I wish to again choose to present Lazarene Roavin to the region for confirmation to the position of Court Justice. I don’t believe the disclosure of his identity as the nation Curious Observations changes his suitability to serve on our regional court. I stand by my original appointment of him and put it to you, the region, to see if you agree.

Finally, with the war with the NPO and our recently passed Lazarene Regional Guard Charter, I believe it is imperative we begin to mobilise our forces as soon as possible so I would like to appoint Kingdom of Napels, aka JoWhatup, as our first Minister of the Lazarene Regional Guards. An experienced military gameplayer and a keen, enthusiastic Lazarene, I believe he'll be a great commander for our new military!

I hope everyone will vote to confirm these appointments to help us stand strong and together as a region!
Thank you for the continued hard work Lazarus!

Delegate of Lazarus

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Congratulations to all.

Aiguis Family:


Thank you. I hope to help keep Lazarus a secure place. Congratulations to everyone else as well!


I'll do the best I can for Lazarus. Congratulations to everyone else too!


Congratulations to all!

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