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Help: Applying for Shareholder Status (Citizenship)!

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Make your Application Here: Click this link! Just a few steps till Lazarene awesomesauce!

You might be new to the game, you might be someone who hops between regions, or even an old gameplayer that wants to see what amazing things are happening down in the land of the undead. This will explain the process of obtaining shareholder status in LazCorp, the premier Corporation of Lazarus, and don't be shy of asking myself or anyone else that is already a Shareholder about Lazarus while you wait.

You need to tell us about yourself, and specifically what your nation is in Lazarus, what other regions you may have been involved in, what you have done in the game so far, or any crimes or offenses you may have been charged with in other regions. The reason for this is that having a nation in Lazarus is a requirement of Shareholder status because it is reasonable that only residents of this region are allowed to vote and decide the future of Lazarus, and that the government of the region is advised on the character of those who apply to become Shareholders.

As a recap please give us:
  • Your nation that is residing in Lazarus, and your World Assembly nation
  • The regions other than Lazarus you might be involved in
  • Your identities in the game i.e. your major current identity or past identities
  • A brief history of your time in the game, if you have been around long
  • Whether you have been charged with any crimes or offenses in other regions
What we are not worried about...
There may be circumstances when you can't give us everything, like if you forget certain details or you don't want to share your World Assembly nation with us because it is involved in a military operation. Do not be shy of applying if you can't provide us all of these details, as this shouldn't delay your application. We also don't worry if you leave off every region you've ever been in or every identity you've had, unless it is relevant i.e. like if you were accused of a crime or offense there.

What we are going to worry about...
We cherish having a community that remains positive and friendly towards one another, as well as having good relations with our friends and allied regions, so we will be looking at your character as a player, and what you might be interested in doing here. There are some rules that we think are important to keep our community safe, so we may choose to decline an application on those grounds as well. This forum in it's entirety is also PG-13, just like Nationstates proper, so we do expect those who apply to follow those same standards.

If we decline your application outright, it will be because..
We saw that you applied with a dirty IP address, which means one that has been put on a spam or security list by IP monitoring services, or that you applied with a Proxy. We do recognize that there are situations that may make it difficult to apply without a proxy, though it is a requirement that we know at least one valid IP per account, as we do not want people unfairly creating multiple accounts to vote more than once for example. This forum and community is also PG-13 so we do expect those who apply to not engage in harassment, or anything that might make other Shareholders feel unsafe. 

How long will my application take?
In normal circumstances, an application should not take more than 24-48 hours to be approved. If this takes longer it will be because others in government need to be notified or advised on the status of an application, and especially because the Chief Executive Officer (or Delegate) must be advised of applications. However, in exceptional circumstances such as some issue with your application, it may take 48 hours longer than that as the government might have to extensively discuss the application. 

Make your Application Here: Click this link! Just a few steps till Lazarene awesomesauce!

Questions? Problems? Dog ate your application? Reply below! 
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