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Criminal Powers Amendment (September 2018)

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Criminal Powers Amendment (September 2018)

Proposed By:

This amendment of the Twelfth Mandate of Lazarus grants the delegate greater power to impose justice on those the Court of Lazarus has gathered damning evidence against.

Section 1. Amendment of Article II

(1) After subsection 7, insert:
(8) The Delegate may impose upon a person a punishment permitted by law, including revocation of citizenship, restriction of ability to vote and/or hold office, ejection and/or banishment from Lazarus and other measures, should the Court confirm by two-thirds vote that the person has committed a criminal offence. The person must have had reasonable opportunity to defend themselves against the charges during a Criminal Review. The Assembly may overturn or reduce such punishments by three-quarters vote.

Section 2. Amendment of Article V

(1) After subsection 6, insert:
(7) The Court may conduct Criminal Reviews in order to determine whether a person has committed a criminal offence. Procedure for such Criminal Reviews may be established by law.

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