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Lazarene Regional Guard Applications

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[Image: EpBBy4T.png]

To apply to join the Lazarene Regional Guard, please fill in the following form to the best of your ability:
Lazarene Regional Guard Application Form

If you need help or have questions about this form, please contact the Director (Minister) of the Lazarene Regional Guard.



Your nation in Lazarus: Temmi

Discord ID (if any): temmi#8363

Your timezone (UTC/GMT): GMT-5

Can you be on at major update (12 AM EST/5 AM UTC)?: yes i am usually on

Can you be on at minor update (12 PM EST/5 PM UTC)?: on the weekend sometimes!

Are you WA mobile?: I guess so? o.o

What experience do you have with military affairs?: i helped imaginary once, but nothing really


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