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Resignation - Domais - 05-29-2020

Yesterday, I made some controversial comments on the NSGP Discord and Forum. Admittedly, those have damaged my reputation and it’s my belief that my continued service as your Minister of Foreign Affairs will lead to Lazarus’ reputation being damaged. I will defend myself against the accusation that I am a fascist or sympathise with them: I am not, nor have I ever been. However, knowing that my personal reputation has been considerably damaged, I can’t logically remain in my position as the leader of the Foreign Affairs department. So I will do what a sensible person in my position would do, resign as Minister of Foreign Affairs, effective immediately. I will not be departing the region nor the department, however.
-Now Former Director of Public Relations Domais.

RE: Resignation - joWhatup - 05-29-2020

Thank you for your service, Domais. I enjoyed working with you and wish you all the best. Hope to see you around. Smile

RE: Resignation - Demonos - 05-29-2020

My Fellow Phoenix,

The Principality of Demonos is saddened to hear of your intention to resign from your post as Minister of Foreign Affairs. We would hope that you would reconsider this action because of the fantastic leadership you have shown for our region. It is human to err but it is divine to forgive. This situation in which you find yourself should be a learning experience as a diplomat and you should begin to forgive yourself and not repeat the problem. After a month's time it may very well be forgotten whatever it may have been that you said. Demonos is not very keen to utilize the Discord server for this specific reason. We understand that your emotions may be high, but, we believe that mistakes are unavoidable in politics.

We plead with the executive board of Lazcorp not to accept this resignation. Domais is a good nation and we have always felt welcome by their presence. We believe that you may have been baited to lose your temper. It shouldn't happen again. As a diplomat, it is often better to ignore dissenters and move toward allies to strengthen friendly relationships. We feel that one mistake that has not broken any of the stipulations of our Twelfth Mandate should be in reprimand but not dismissal. Again, please reconsider.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lady Vera
The Principality of Demonos

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