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1. How to Submit a Support Ticket
This Help Center allows forum members to send a support ticket to the forum administrators and moderators, so that they can help resolve an issue with the operation of the forum.

Support Ticket Categories

  • Request New Signature, if you are unable to change your signature in the User CP
  • Request Username Change, if Change Username in User CP is not working or is not available to you
  • Resign your Citizenship/Residency
  • Request Topic/Forum Modification, if you would like a subforum/topic name change or a new subforum/topic creation
  • Report Forum Bug/Issue, if something is going wrong with the forum
  • Other, for anything that doesn't fit in the other categories
The Support Tickets are checked every 24 hour period. If your ticket hasn't been answered within this time, please Personal Message an Administrator or Director on this forum. Alternatively drop a Direct Message to an Administrator on Discord.

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