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4. Plugins
4. Plugins
These are the plugins used on our forum.

NewPoints Economy

[Image: 9LTISfP.png]
NewPoints is a Points System that has been used to create a regional forum economy.

NewPoints Donate

[Image: lLZkuLj.png]
NewPoints allows Donations to other users, as well as sales through manual shops.

NewPoints Bank

[Image: gcmLGEG.png]
NewPoints allows points/currency to be placed in a bank account to earn interest, as well as to allow money to be loaned from the bank.

NewPoints Shop

[Image: sj8waBe.png]
NewPoints allows automated Shop Fronts/Stores where you can spend points/money.

NewPoints Lottery

[Image: pMxqpdQ.png]
NewPoints allows a weekly or monthly lottery, where a random winner is chosen for winnings in points/currency.

NewPoints Maintenance

[Image: HMzdFjL.png]
NewPoints has an Administration Panel area, where those correctly masked or administrators, can set points/money amounts for users, reset points/currency, and backup the NewPoints Economy or repair NewPoints Economy errors.

NewPoints Maintenance Edit User

[Image: fPm5Lx3.png]
NewPoints allows Editing of User points/currency for those correctly masked or administrators, for this the user ID number is required.

NewPoints Group Roles

[Image: PGPLoMo.png]
NewPoints allows Group Roles to be set in order to provide points/currency of a set amount to each set user group on the forum.

Automated Forms

[Image: OCqJ7vB.png]
Automated Forms are used for forum applications for instance.

This forum uses Lukasz Tkacz MyBB addons.