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3. Forum Settings/Options
3. Forum Settings/Options
These are Settings/Options for forum features.

Edit Profile
[Image: 4sswyx5.png]
This menu allows editing of Profile information.

This includes the following:
  • Nation Name
  • Username
  • Date of Birth
  • Website URL (Your Website URL)
  • Location (Your Location)
  • Bio (Personal Biography)
  • Change Password (Account Password)
  • Change Email (Account Email)
  • Change Avatar (Avatar Image)
  • Change Alignment (Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Change Politics (Political Views)
  • Change Military (Nationstates Gameplay Military Affiliation) 
  • Change Signature (Change your Forum Signature)

Edit Options
[Image: QseEYiE.png]
This menu allows editing of your forum display options and notifications.

This includes the following:
  • Privacy Option to hide from Who's Online list
  • Message and Notification Options (Set how you receive messages)
  • Date and Time Options (Set the Forum Date and Time)
  • Forum Display Options (Set Topics/Threads per Page, and Thread Show Date)
  • Thread View Options (Set How Threads/Posts are Displayed)
  • Other Options (Redirect, MyCode, Editor, and Board Theme/Style Options)

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